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  • Scan duration = 1 second
  • Upload maximum 210 advertsing data per second with Ethernet wire
  • Upload maximum 150 advertsing data per second with WiFi connection

Data Format

Gateway V4 post data in MessagePackopen in new window format. MessagePack is an efficient binary serialization format. It lets you exchange data among multiple languages like JSON. But it's faster and smaller. We can get more library for programming languages to parse MessagePack.


The data decoded is a dictionary with these keys:

  • v - firmware version
  • mid - message ID
  • time - boot time
  • ip - the IP for gateway
  • mac - the mac address for gateway
  • rssi - the RSSI of WiFi connection for gateway. It appears when using WiFi connection from firmware v1.5.0
  • iccid - the ICCID of 4G module. It appears when using 4G connection from firmware v1.5.3
  • devices - an array for BLE advertising datas that gateway collected

The devices array contain RAW advertising data for BLE device. An example hex data frame, see the section "Data Format For Key Devices"

00 12 3b 6a 1a 64 cf aa 02 01 06 1a ff 4c 00 02 15 b5 b1 82 c7 ea b1 49 88 aa 99 b5 c1 51 70 08 d9 00 01 cf 64 c5

byte 1advertising type, see the table below00
byte 2 - 7mac address for BLE device12 3b 6a 1a 64 cf
byte 8RSSI, minus 256 for real valueaa, 0xaa - 256 = -86
byte 9 -Advertisement data02 01 06 1a ff 4c 00 02 15 b5 b1 82 c7 ea b1 49 88 aa 99 b5 c1 51 70 08 d9 00 01 cf 64 c5

Example data for key devices

An example data from devices array

hex data : 02C8FD1949A530CE0201061AFF4C000215EB6D469624BE4663B15230D46B0E9CC9000D002AC0

02adv type
C8FD1949A530mac address
0201061AFF4C000215EB6D469624BE4663B15230D46B0E9CC9000D002AC0raw advertising data

Advertising Type Code

0Connectable undirected advertisement
1Connectable directed advertisement
2Scannable undirected advertisement
3Non-Connectable undirected advertisement
4Scan Response

Configuration options

Application options

Advertising filter

  1. Allow All Advertising Data: scan all data, default
  2. iBeacon Only: scan iBeacon data only. Please search iBeacon protocol for more information
  3. Eddystone UID Only: scan Eddystone UID only
  4. Eddystone URL Only: scan Eddystone URL only
  5. Sensor mode, supports some Xiaomi sensor: Experimental feature, scan only xiaomi sensors such as temperature/humidity sensor
  6. iBeacon And Eddystone TLM Plain: scan iBeacon And Eddystone TLM Plain data only
  7. Eddystone UID And Eddystone TLM Plain: scan Eddystone UID And Eddystone TLM Plain only
  8. Eddystone URL And Eddystone TLM Plain: scan Eddystone URL And Eddystone TLM Plain only

For more information about eddystone protocol, please check the specificationopen in new window

Manufacture Filter

The general structure of advertising packets is described in BLE Advertising Data Basics. Manufacturer-specific data can be used to add any custom data into advertising packets in any format suitable for your application. For example, you could create a beacon that includes the reading of a temperature sensor in the advertising data.

See the image below which contains company ID 02FF for company Silicon Labs. You can input "Manufacture Filter" = 02FF to scan the advertising data only



LED Status

The ethernet port has a green LED and a yellow LED.

GreenBlink when ethernet start
YellowTurn on when it got IP address

Schematic And PCB Layout

PCB Layout

PCB dimension


J3I2C ports for ESP32 module
P2Program pins for ESP32 module
P3Program pins for NRF52832 module
P4UART ports for NRF52832 module

J3 pinouts

PCB v5.4
  • VCC
  • GND
  • GPIO16
  • GPIO04
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