# Firmware change logs for AB BLE Gateway V4

# v1.4.14

  • Improve network connection
  • Blink the internal LED if smartconfig is enabled
  • Supports query config parameters via MQTT

# v1.4.13

  • Fixes an issue for save long length certificate

# v1.4.12

  • Improve 4G connection for 4G version

# v1.4.11

  • Support MQTT QoS option
  • Support configure WiFi with ESPTouch and WeChat AirKiss

# v1.4.10

  • Support MQTT retain option
  • Support advetising manufacture ID filter
  • Update ethernet driver
  • Gateway's API Support basic authentication. It's disabled default
  • Fixes a bug for connect WPA2 enterprise

# v1.4.9

  • Support HTTPS/MQTTS/WSS option
  • Support long upload interval which up to 30 minutes
  • Fixes a bug for send heartbeat packet

# v1.2.5.29

  • Fix heartbeat time interval when request interval greater than 2 seconds