AB zigbee gateway

It's a LAN ZigBee 3.x coordinator based on CC2652P and ESP32. It can be used as ZigBee Coordinator/Router in various Smart Home installations including the Zigbee2MQTTopen in new window, Home Assistant (ZHAopen in new window).

zigbee gateway


  • Based on Zigbee modules CC2652P
  • Power Input: USB Type-C 5V/2000mA or Standard POE 48V.
  • WORKING MODE: LAN Coordinator
  • Two Buttons
  • 2 LED for indication Custom firmware
  • Communicates via LAN network or WiFi with Zigbee2MQTT and ZHA
  • Easy programming with flash tool webpageopen in new window
  • Pre-flashed ESP32 and CC2562P

Note: Don't power with USB and POE in same time

Example firmware


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