Wireless iBeacon Receiver

四月兄弟科技有限公司提供的无线iBeacon接收器,可以作为蓝牙4.0的广播监听设备,收集附近的iBeacon广播信息并上传到远程服务器端。设备工作于Wi-Fi station状态,可连接周边Wi-Fi热点接入互联网。


  • Scan multiple beacon device in same time
  • MQTT protocol
  • Transfer data via Wi-Fi
  • The fastest transport frequency is 1 second. Good for realtime scan requirement.


Work Voltage5V DC / 2A
Power InterfaceMINI-USB
Receiving Sensitivity-93dBmHigh gain mode
Antenna50 OhmExternal 2dBm antenna
Scan DurationConfigure as 1 - 10 seconds1 second default
Wi-Fi Antenna50 OhmPCB antenna
Work with Wi-Fi AP2.4G Wi-Fi AP only
Working Temperature(C)-20 ~ 65
Dimension59.3mm x 75.3mm x 11.6mm


  • Indoor Location
  • Meeting sign in
  • Check in
  • Parking & Checking in
  • Sensor data collection
  • Home automation
  • User data collection
  • ...

Quick Start

The receiver will try to connect WiFi hotspot that SSID = hello and password = 12345678 default.

  • Turn on the "personal hotsport mode" for your mobile
  • Change the SSID = hello and password = 12345678
  • Power on the receiver
  • Access the IP with browser if the receiver connected to your mobile
  • Re-power the receiver. The receiver will connect a MQTT Broker provide by ApilBrother default. - mqtt.bconimg.com
  • Download the free software [//mosquitto.org mosquitto] to access the beacon datas uploaded by the receiver.

Please refer the "How To Config" Section for more information.

=== 关于LED指示灯状态

  • 绿色LED: 该指示灯表示网络正常且MQTT已经连接成功。无法在这个状态下使用WiFi Starter应用来配置设备。

Transport Protocol And Data Format

The transport protocol is MQTT. Here's a sample data.



It's a json data. The key "id" is the MAC address for the receiver. The key named "raw_beacons_data" contains the beacon datas. The iBeacon datas are splitted by semicolon. The sample data


1 - 12 bytesbeacon的mac地址F4B85ED84CB7
13 - 44 bytesiBeacon的UUID,共32字节12345678123412341234123412341234
45 - 48 bytemajor7DAD
49 - 52 byteminor33B1
53, 54 bytemeasured power,减去255之后就是实际的值C6
55, 56 byte电量,按百分比计,如没有获得电量,用FF代替FF
57, 58 byteRSSI,减去255之后就是实际的值41



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