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WiFi settings

Note: We recommend connect the gateway with ethernet cable. It's much stable and power saving.

You can following the steps to configure WiFi for gateway with smartconfig feature


Procedure for setting WiFi

  • There's a hole at the left side of the Ethernet port. Use a needle to fast press the button in the hole three times. The led near the hole will keep blinking if successful. It means the gateway enter Smart Config mode.
  • Open the GWTool app and select Add a gateway.
  • Grant the Location permission so the app can fill the WiFi SSID your phone connected automatic
  • Fill the WiFi password for current WiFi SSID
  • Tap "start" button and wait minutes. It should display "Found a gateway" if successful
  • Configure the gateway with the tool


  • Make sure the WiFi is 2.4G not 5G
  • Double check the password
  • The power adapter must be 5V / 2A. It can provide enough power for WiFi connection
  • Repeat the steps if settings fail
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