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The device only support 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi AP, 5G not support.

Configure with Wi-Fi with default profile

The receiver will try to connect WiFi hotspot that SSID = hello and password = 12345678.

  • Turn on the "personal hotsport mode" for your mobile
  • Change the SSID = hello and password = 12345678
  • Power on the receiver
  • Access the IP with browser if the receiver connected to your mobile

Configure the Wi-Fi by AP mode (Need open the casing)

The SmartConfig sometime does not work. There's another method to configure the Wi-Fi parameter. The steps will turn the device to AP mode, it need open the casing and make some wires.

  • Open the casing
  • Short the jumper near the label "Config Mode" on the PCB.
  • Power on the receiver, it will work at AP mode
  • Check the Wi-Fi AP "mysimplelink", connect to it
  • Open the url in new window if Wi-Fi connected. You can configure the parameters for Wi-Fi now.
  • Please open the jumper after configure
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