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TI provides Wi-Fi Starter App for Android and iOS devices. Application binary and source code are available for download from http://www.ti.com/tool/wifistarter.

This application is the configuring side in the process of connecting a CC31xx/CC32xx device to a specific AP using the Smart Config feature, using a specific API from a binary library file which is available as part as the package. In order to develop similar application for your product, please use the following sections in this wiki page to understand which are the APIs provided and the correct way to use them. It is highly recommended to use the Smart Config application example, and complete a full Smart config process before continuing any further.

The device only support 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi AP, 5G not support.

Please refer the wiki for more information.

Configure with Wi-Fi with default profile

The receiver will try to connect WiFi hotspot that SSID = hello and password = 12345678.

  • Turn on the "personal hotsport mode" for your mobile
  • Change the SSID = hello and password = 12345678
  • Power on the receiver
  • Access the IP with browser if the receiver connected to your mobile

Configure the Wi-Fi with SmartConfig

Configure the Wi-Fi by AP mode (Need open the casing)

The SmartConfig sometime does not work. There's another method to configure the Wi-Fi parameter. The steps will turn the device to AP mode, it need open the casing and make some wires.

  • Open the casing
  • Short the jumper near the label "Config Mode" on the PCB.
  • Power on the receiver, it will work at AP mode
  • Check the Wi-Fi AP "mysimplelink", connect to it
  • Open the url if Wi-Fi connected. You can configure the parameters for Wi-Fi now.
  • Please open the jumper after configure