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The Wireless iBeacon Receiver is combined with WiFi module and BLE module. You will need upgrade firmware if you wish to try some experimental feature.

Note: Be careful! These operation may damage the device and can't recovery.

Upgrade firmware for WiFi module

The recent device support OTA features. Please try to upgrade them with these steps.

Note: Internet connection is needed.

Once the OTA files enable, power on the device and the green LED will blink fast a while for OTA upgrade.

Upgrade firmware for BLE module

These operation can be done on Windows only.

Hardware Requirements

  1. USB to UART converter 3.3V TTL x 1
  2. Termiteopen in new window - Free Serial Terminal Software


  1. Power on the device
  2. Wire the to USB to UART converter to pins U1 (RX - TX, TX - RX, GND
    • GND)
  3. Open device manager, find the new serial port. It usually shows such as COMxxx
  4. Open Termite, connect to the serial port. Settings: 115200/8/N/1
  5. Make the BLE module to upgrade mode. Type AT command AT+SBLUP. The module will not work as normal now and wait for upgrade.

Start upgrade

  1. Download the SerialBootTool from TIopen in new window
  2. Don't forget to close the software termite. It may block the serial port.
  3. Open the SerialBootTool, Choose the serial port and the firmware
  4. Click "Load Image"

Wait a while. You will see the words "Download completed successfully". You've done!

Firmware for BLE module

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