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  • Prepare a power adapter 5V/2A. Please note the the current 2A is required
  • Wire ethernet cable between gateway and your router. Don't wire the ethernet cable to your laptop directly.
  • Please use the micro USB cable as power cable. Wire the cable to power adapter. Don't wire the cable to Laptop directly. It may cause weak power. It means the gateway connected to LAN network if yellow LED around the ethernet port is on.
  • Install configure tool at your laptop
  • Click at application, you can see some configure options

How To Test

  • Change application settings for gateway and save
    • Application Type -> MQTT Client
    • MQTT Host -> mqtt.bconimg.com
    • MQTT Port -> 1883
    • Publish Topic -> your-topic
  • Download and install data viewer softwareopen in new window
  • Fill the form with the parameters in first steps
  • View the data from gateway
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