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Q: How to update firmware for BLE Gateway?

A: You need install our configure tool to update firmware.

  • Open configure tool
  • Choose the device from the dropdown menu at left-top side
  • Click "Advance" -> "Update", start updating firmware
  • Wait until it's done

Q: Does it support static IP

A: Yes. Gateway 4 use DHCP IP default. You can also use our configure tool to set a static IP.

Q: How to do factory reset?

A: There's a hole at the left side of the Ethernet port. Use a needle to press and hold the hiden button, re-power the device to finish factory reset

Q: Does gateway support WiFi directly without ethernet?

A: Yes. It will use WiFi without ethernet connection.

Q: Why the gateway can't connect to WiFi?

A: The device supports only 2.4GHz WiFi. It can't connect to 5GHz network. Please check your WiFi AP. Don't set same SSID name for 2.4G and 5G WiFi both. Because gateway can't connect to your WiFi.

Q: Why the data fom BLE gateway is messed up?

A: Gateway V4 post data in MessagePack format. MessagePack is an efficient binary serialization format. You should decode it to get right data structure.