Note: The Firmware BlueBeacon was renamed to AprilBeacon.


2.0.1 (04/21/2014)

  • Important change! Remove the original pair passcode for Bluetooth. Replace the passcode with AT command AT+AUTH .
  • Fix a bug for read battery level.
  • Fix a bug for change TX power.
  • Add characteristic 0xFFF8 for input AT command.
  • New AT commands:
    • AT+RESET - Reset the AprilBeacon.
    • AT+DPLOY - The AprilBeacon will be un-connectable util next restart.
    • AT+AUTH - Input the passcode for change the module to editable. The default passcode is AprilBrother. It can be modified by 0xFFF6.
  • Add mac address in the Bluetooth service Device Information -> System ID (0x180A -> 0x2A23).
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