There are a few requirements on the mobile device side that must be met for the entire experience to work as expected.

  • An eligible app installed on a mobile device
  • A mobile device's BLE hardware must be switched on
  • If content is not embedded into your app, a WIFI or a cellular connection for content delivery to a mobile device. The latter is recommended.

iOS 7 Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is a global setting that allows apps to refresh their content when on a WIFI or cellular connection, or use Location Service, in the background.

If you turn off Background App Refresh, no app can update in the background; or you can allow only some apps to update in the background. If you close an app from the multitasking interface, it may not be able to refresh in the background but it can continue to send notifications.

You can adjust your apps' background activity in iOS 7 by tapping on Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

The following Apple support article provides more details: iOS: Understanding multitasking

Note: Push notifications require a WIFI or a cellular connection. WIFI is used when a cellular connection is not available.

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