• iBeacon Certified - All features of iBeacon supported.
  • ProximityUUID/major/minor/advertising interval configuable
  • Maintenance Cost and Maximum battery life
    • Using Dialog DA14580 chips, in same Tx power and Advertising interval configuration, double or triple battery lifetime of Nordic nrf51822 chips. Six battery lifetime of TI CC254x chips.
    • Fine tuned antenna, optimized transmit strength, covering same range using lower Tx power.
    • CR2450 coin cell battery (500mAh)

Technology Specification

ChipDialog DA14580
DimensionsDiameter 31mm, Thickness 9mm
Protocol standardBLE Through the iBeacon certification
System RequirementsiOS7.0 or above/ Android 4.3 or above
SecuritySuport password for configure parameters
TX Power0dBm
Transmission RangeUp to 35m
Broadcast Frequency (Broadcasting time interval)Adjustable (100~1285ms)
Supply Voltage3.0V
BatteryCR2450 Battery


Low power consumption

The power consumption of the different advertising events and the sleep modes of the Beacon device. The tests have been executed using the output power set to 0 dBm.

The Beacon device uses the non-connectable advertising mode (Beacon mode). In this mode, the AprilBeacon DA transmits advertising packets in all three advertising PHY channels without listening for packet reception. Avoiding the reception process results in improved power consumption compared with connectable advertising mode. When using connectable advertising (Peripheral mode), the Rx slots are used, which has an impact on the energy consumption as shown in upper table.

EventAverage currentDurationCharge
Beacon mode (non-connectable advertising)967uA9.85ms9.53uC
Peripheral mode (connectable advertising)967uA12.56ms12.15uC
Connection event590uA10.02ms5.92uC
Extended sleep mode1.34uA--

Based on the different scenarios and the power consumption measurements shown in upper talbe, the expected lifetimes of CR2477 and CR2032 coin cell batteries have been calculated.

ScenarioAdvertising intervalBattery lifetime CR2477 (1000mAh)Battery lifetime CR2032 (240mAh)
1 Tx peripheral mode per 3 Tx BEACON events100ms13.5 months3.5 months
1 Tx peripheral mode per 3 Tx BEACON events500ms60 months17.5 months
1 Tx peripheral mode per 3 Tx BEACON events1000ms120 months35 months

Configurable by App AprilBeacon

Download app AprilBeacon from Apple App Storeopen in new window for configure AprilBeacon.



Q: Is EEK beacon can be program again?

A: EEK beacon is based on DA14580 from DialogSemi. DA14580 is designed for OTP (One-Time-Programming). It can't be program again. You can buy our blank device for write your own custom firmware.

Q: Is 6 pins on the PCB ready for JTAG programming header?

A: Yes. There's two jumpers for switch UART / JTAG programming.

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