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About The Project

AButton is a WiFi connected push button. It support the #IFTTT application and its Maker Channel now. The project is modifying of the IFTTT Smart Button project from Noel Portugalopen in new window.

We use the APixel dev board and a casing of the push light to build the project. It can works with two AAA battery (1.5V x 2 = 3V).

The push button "boots up" the module by sending a HIGH signal through a diode to CH_PD. The first thing I do in init.lua is to set GPIO02 to HIGH, which is connected through a 1K resistor back to CH_PD. When it done posting to IFTTT it just set GPIO02 to LOW and the module is disabled.

Please check Noel Portugal 's project. The initial code comes from him.

Changes for the push light

  • Re-soldering the power wire to use only 2 x AAA battery. The original battery holder can install 3 X AAA batteries.
  • Replaced the microswitch with one without lock.

Changes made from original code

  • Change the stylesheet for the configure page -- Thanks purecss!
  • Added IFTTT token field to let you enter the token
  • Token saved in file
  • Removed the AP scanning


  • APixel dev board x 1
  • Push light x 1
  • Microswitch x 1



The code is available on GitHubopen in new window.

For OS X, please check the Makefile for uploading lua files.

For example:

Upload all lua files and html files

make upload_all

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