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AB BLE Gateway is a gateway to connecting BLE devices to network by WiFi.


Gateway provides two modes -- access point mode and station mode for WiFi connection.

  • In AP mode, it work as a simple AP supporting DHCP. It can only support few WiFi connection in same time. The main purpose of this mode is for configuration.
  • In Station mode, it work a client device keeps trying to join to the AP in your home or office. After joining the AP, the gateway can bridge your BLE devices to the local TCP server of cloud server for management.


BLE is in scan mode. It scan BLE advertising data from other BLE devices nearby and then post these datas to server side. The BLE packet format is in hex format.

Example hex data frame

fe 27 00 12 3b 6a 1a 64 cf aa 02 01 06 1a ff 4c 00 02 15 b5 b1 82 c7 ea b1 49 88 aa 99 b5 c1 51 70 08 d9 00 01 cf 64 c5 0d 0a

byte 1Start of the data framefe
byte 2data of the length27
byte 3advertising type, see the table below00
byte 4 - 9mac address for BLE device12 3b 6a 1a 64 cf
byte 10RSSI, minus 256 for real valueaa
byte 11 -Advertisement data02 01 06 1a ff 4c 00 02 15 b5 b1 82 c7 ea b1 49 88 aa 99 b5 c1 51 70 08 d9 00 01 cf 64 c5
last 2 bytesEnd of the data frame0d 0a, the ASCII code for \r\n

Advertising Type Code

0Connectable undirected advertisement
1Connectable directed advertisement
2Scannable undirected advertisement
3Non-Connectable undirected advertisement
4Scan Response


  • Since firmware v1.1 a meta data is added to the first line of BLE datas. The meta data is in json format and end with \r\n\r\n. An example meta data {"v":"1.1","mid":129,"id":"175229","ip":""}\r\n\r\n


The power input is DC 5V/1A. A power cable is come with every gateway. One side of the cable is USB-A, the other side is 3.5-1.35MM DC plug.

Button And LED

Power switch. Push to left side for power on.

Find the hole in the photo below, there's a config button. A LED is at left side of the button.

It can be used to change device to Smart Config mode and configure WiFi by cellphone wireless, or factory reset (Long press the button > 3 seconds).

  1. Put needle or pencil in that hole, and press it (you will feel that button is pressed).
  2. The device disconnect current WiFi and LED start blink
  3. Download our iOS app "YuePixelopen in new window" and configure WiFi
  4. If WiFi is ok, the LED stop blink

Web Config UI


See "Firmware Version", mac address for WiFi, serial number at this page


AB BLE Gateway work at STATION and AP mode in same time.


AB BLE Gateway work as AP mode default. You can see the parameters for the AP.

  • SSID: the default name is ab.gateway and serial number
  • Security Key: default key is 12345678, it can be changed to other key


  • Scan WiFi: click to start scan AP nearby
  • SSID: choose a SSID in AP list by "Scan WiFi" or type a SSID manual
  • Security Key: Type key for your AP. Leave blank for open WiFi



App ABGateway

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