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The BlueDuino has a built-in BLE module. The firmware for the BLE module can be upgrade if the device name for BLE module is "ZeroBeacon".

  • These steps can be done on the Windows only.
  • Be careful! These steps may damage the BlueDuino and make it brick.

How to upgrade the firmware

Prepare the BlueDuino

  • Short the jumper 1.
  • Short the jumper 2.

Just connect the three pads with soldering.

Change the BlueDuino to upgrade mode

  • Open the Arduino IDE
  • Choose right board and serial port etc
  • Upload the sketch soft_serial_leonardo.ino to BlueDuino
  • Open the "serial monitor" of Arduino IDE and input some AT commands

The BlueDuino goes to upgrade mode now. It will not accept any other AT commands.

Start upgrade

  1. Download the SerialBootTool from TI
  2. Open a serial client such as CoolTerm, Open the serial port with setup 115200, 8, n, 1
  3. If you have seen the words "I'm ready for upgrade.", go to step 5
  4. If you haven't seen the words "I'm ready for upgrade.", Re-plug the BlueDuino to another usb port and reconnect the serial port.
  5. Close the CoolTerm or the client you connect to serial port.
  6. Open the SerialBootTool, Choose the serial port and the firmware
  7. Click "Load Image"

Wait a while. You will see the words "Download completed successfully"

You've done!

Don't forget to cut the jumper 1 & 2.