# Introdution

The AprilBeacon is developed and produced including hardware and firmware all provide by AprilBrother LLC. It can work as a standalone system. The AprilBeacon previous version is based on TI CC254X BLE 4.0 module.

# Models

# Specifications

  • Built‐in firmware for iBeacon
  • Bluetooth Low Energy technology compatible
  • Excellent link budget (up to 97dB)
  • Suitable for long distance applications
  • Accurate digital RSSI
  • High performance and low power 8051 core MCU
  • AES security coprocessor

# iBeacon Descriptions

  • Application for advertisement and location
  • Built‐in pairing password to prevent others to modify the settings
  • Support customize your own iBeacon configuration including UUID etc.
  • Tx Power configurable
  • Advertising frequecy configurable
  • Support upgrade firmware through OAD (air upgrade)
  • Built‐in JTAG port for customized other application firmware as a standalone system

# Default Settings

  • Name of iBeacon: AprilBeacon
  • ProximityUUID: E2C56DB5-DFFB-48D2-B060-D0F5A71096E0
  • Major and Minor: 0, 0 (Only allowed numeric)
  • Measured power: -59 (Numeric only)

# Electronic Parameters

Item Value Remarks
Operation Voltage 2.0-3.6V DC
Operation Frequency 2400-2483.5MHz Programmable
Frequency Error +/- 20KHz
Modulation GFSK
Standby current 100uA Depends on duty cycle / broadcasting frequency
Broadcasting Frequency 900ms or 600ms Duty cycle
Output Power 0 dBm Default setting, programmable
Receiving Sensitivity -93dBm High gain mode
Antenna 50ohm PCB Antenna / External Antenna