DA14580 based soil moisture sensor. Also provide ambient temperature sensor. Advertising sensor data with iBeacon protocol.

Install app AprilBeacon to configure params

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The project is based on Miceuz's I2C Moisture Sensor project. Thanks for Miceuz.


  • ARM Cortex -M0 32-bit processor
  • Support Bluetooth Smart 4.0
  • Powered with 1 X CR2032 battery
  • Long battery life : 1.5 year in typical beacon setting
  • iPhone/Android APP for configuration
  • Button for Factory Reset
  • Soil moisture sensor
  • Temperature sensor for environment monitoring


Name Parameters
Chip Dialog DA14580
Dimensions 160mm*29mm*20mm
Protocol standard Bluetooth® 4.0 Through the iBeacon certification
System Requirements iOS7.0 or above/ Android 4.3 or above
Security Suport password for configure parameters
TX Power 0dBm
Transmission Range Up to 35m
Broadcast Frequency (Broadcasting time interval) Adjustable (100~1285ms), Default 1285ms
Supply Voltage 3.0V
Battery CR2032 Battery

Default Settings

  • Name of device: aplant_xxxx (last 2 bytes of mac address)
  • ProximityUUID: B5B182C7-EAB1-4988-AA99-B5C1517008D9
  • Major: configurable, default last 2 bytes of mac address
  • Measured power: -59 (Numeric only)

Quick Start

Remove the plastic battery saver tab and they're ready to turn on. the LED will blink 3 times when power on.

How to configure with app AprilBeacon

The sensor is compatible with app AprilBeacon. You can use the app to configure UUID, major and advertising interval etc. You need add a name filter "aplant" to support the sensor.

  • Open app AprilBeacon
  • Choose tab "Settings"
  • Tap on "Name Filter" and add a name "aplant"
  • Choose tab "Bluetooth" and reload the list, you will find the device "aplant_xxxx"


A. CR2032 Battery Holder
B. Button For Factory Reset
C. Temperature Sensor