ABTemp is a BLE (Bluetooth LE) Beacon with temperature sensor. It's based on EEK (Energy Efficient King) beacon. It advertises the temperature data with iBeacon protocol.


  • ARM Cortex -M0 32-bit processor
  • Dialog solution, long battery life
  • Support Bluetooth Smart 4.0
  • Builtin 1 x CR2450 battery holder (battery not included)
  • Temperature sensor for environment monitoring
  • Configurable by App AprilBeacon

Technology Specification

Name Parameters
Chip Dialog DA14580
Dimensions Diameter 31mm, Thickness 9mm
Protocol standard Bluetooth® 4.0 Through the iBeacon certification
System Requirements iOS7.0 or above/ Android 4.3 or above
Security Suport password for configure parameters
TX Power 0dBm
Transmission Range Up to 35m
Broadcast Frequency (Broadcasting time interval) Adjustable (100~1285ms)
Supply Voltage 3.0V
Battery CR2450 Battery

Default Settings

  • Name of device: abtemp_xxxx (last 2 bytes of mac address)
  • ProximityUUID: B5B182C7-EAB1-4988-AA99-B5C1517008D9
  • Major: configurable, default last 2 bytes of mac address
  • Minor: the temperature data and battery level
  • Measured power: -59 (Numeric only)