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YuePixels is newest WiFi technology LED driver. You can control WS2812 led strips at PC or mobile by web player and very easy.


  • Control WS2812 led strips through Wifi, no other app or software needed, control by web page directly
  • Default player will output music visualizer signal
  • Control mode, YuePixels work as AP or STATION
  • OTA support


Name Parameters
Work Voltage DC 5V/2A or 5V/3A
Output Voltage DC 5V
Security Mode WPA/WPA2
Frequency 2.412GHz -- 2.484GHz
WiFi Control Distance Indoor 50 meters
Work Temperature -20℃ - 65℃
Power Input Interface 5.5*2.5 female header

LED Status

  • LED is on shortly when power on
  • LED will start blink slowly after button Mode pressed, you can use app YuePixles configure WiFi parameters. If WiFi configuration ok, the led will stop blink.


YuePixels work at WiFi AP and STATION mode after power on.

YuePixels Work As AP

  • Open PC or mobile and search WiFi named "yuepixels" and connect, default password is 12345678
  • Open web page after WiFi connected
  • Click "SELECT SONGS TO PLAY" to choose mp3 files and start play. The ws2812 led strips will play with fun

YuePixels Work As STATION

YuePixels only support 2.4G WiFi spot.

  • Press the Mode button on YuePixels, the led will start blink slowly
  • Open mobile app YuePixels, input your WiFi name and password. If the WiFi is hidden, please check the checkbox "WiFi is hidden". Click "Confirm"
  • The app will pop an alert window if network is ready and led stop blink
  • Let's say the IP for YuePixels is, then open the control page at browser,
  • Click "SELECT SONGS TO PLAY" to choose mp3 files and start play. The ws2812 led strips will play with fun

Advance Usage

YuePixels work as websocket server mode, you can use popular language such as javascript to control the led strips.


Q: Why led strips will stop blink but the player still worked

A: Please put the player web page to foreground. For Chrome, you can split a single window for the player tab.