Firmware ZeroKeyboard

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ZeroKeyboard firmware provide the HID keyboard or mouse. It can be config with AT command.

Currently HID mouse is not available.

Default Parameters

  • Baud rate 57600
  • Auth and bond needed first for iOS

AT Command & Configuration

Command Summary Examples Response
AT+NAME? Query the device name OK+NAMEZeroKeyboard
AT+NAME[param1] Set the device name AT+NAMEhello OK+Set:hello
AT Query the status OK
AT+VERS? Query the firmware version OK+VERS1.0
AT+ADDR? Query the native MAC address OK+LADD: MAC address (address for 12 string)
AT+BAUD[param1] Set the baud rate
param1 : 0 - 4.
0: 9600, 1: 19200
2: 38400, 3: 57600
Default: 3 (57600)
AT+RESET Reset the device
AT+CONN? query connection status AT+CONN? -
AT+PIN=[param1] Set pin code, the pin code should be 6 digits. The default pin code is 000000. Only affected when auth mode > 1 AT+PIN=123456 OK+Set:123456
AT+AUTH[param1] Set the auth mode
0: no auth and passcode needed
1: auth without passcode
2: auth with passcode
3: auth and bond, default mode
AT+DBOND delete all devices bonded AT+DBOND OK+DBOND
AT+KEY=[param1] Input keys for HID keyboard. Only affected when connected AT+KEY=hello OK+Set:hello