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This is an "appallingly small" add-on shield for ESPea that mounts on the bottom, USB-end of the ESPea by soldering the board to the GND, 3V3. The heart of the board is the LTC4054 battery management chip by Linear Technology. The board has +/- through-hole mounting holes for a JST LiPo battery connector (supplied with the LiPo charger) and for an external DC power supply.

The swtich (SW1) can open / close the power from battery shield.

LED Status

  • LED1 is led for charge. It will be off when battery is full charge
  • LED2 will turn on when battery is full charge
  • LED2 will turn on when device is powered by battery
  • LED1 充电指示灯,电池充满LED1熄灭;
  • LED2电池充满后会被点亮;
  • 电池供电时LED2亮;

Technical Details

Name Parameters
Chip LTC4054-4.2
Size 25.6mm x 34mm without headers soldered in
Power Connector ph2.0-2p JST connector and 5.5mm / 2.1mm DC barrel plug
Charge Current 500mA
Charge Voltage 4.2V


The 5.5mm / 2.1mm DC barrel plug not soldered default.