AprilBeacon based on TI CC254X

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AprilBeacon based on TI CC254X

The AprilBeacon is developed and produced including hardware and firmware all provide by AprilBrother LLC. It can work as a standalone system. The AprilBeacon previous version is based on TI CC254X BLE 4.0 module.



Model 101 202 241 242 227A 302
Image 101xiao.jpg 202.jpg 241qrxiao1.jpg 241qrxiao1.jpg 227Axiao.jpg 302.jpg
Core Chip CC2541 CC2540 CC2541 CC2541 CC2540 CC2540
Battery CR2032 CR2450 CR2450 CR2477 AAA Battery x 2 USB
Range Effected 10m 30m 25m 25m 30m 15m
Antenna PCB PCB PCB PCB External PCB
Size (mm) 24.8 * 24.8 * 7.5 31 * 31 * 9 31 * 31 * 9 31 * 31 *11.7 66 * 36 * 22 21.6 * 14.3 * 5.4
Firmware BlueBeacon AprilBeacon AprilBeacon AprilBeacon AprilBeacon ZeroBeacon
Advantages Small size and easy to deploy With certification, stable signal, with reset button 20% power saving, With barcode, good for deployment. 2 times the power of a CR2450 battery, longer battery life. Longer battery life saving maintenance cost Mini usb interface, small size, AprilBeacon name changeable


Model 201 227 301
Image 201xiao.jpg 227xiao.jpg 301-xiao.jpg
Core Chip CC2540 CC2540 CC2540
Battery CR2450 AAA Battery x 2 USB
Range Effected 30m 30m 30m
Antenna PCB External PCB
Size (mm) 26 * 34.82 * 9 56 * 30.5 * 20 57.6 * 18.9 * 7.6
Firmware AprilBeacon AprilBeacon ZeroBeacon


  • Built‐in firmware for iBeacon
  • Bluetooth Low Energy technology compatible
  • Excellent link budget (up to 97dB)
  • Suitable for long distance applications
  • Accurate digital RSSI
  • High performance and low power 8051 core MCU
  • AES security coprocessor

iBeacon Descriptions

  • Application for advertisement and location
  • Built‐in pairing password to prevent others to modify the settings
  • Support customize your own iBeacon configuration including UUID etc.
  • Tx Power configurable
  • Advertising frequecy configurable
  • Support upgrade firmware through OAD (air upgrade)
  • Built‐in JTAG port for customized other application firmware as a standalone system

Default Settings

  • Name of iBeacon: AprilBeacon
  • ProximityUUID: E2C56DB5-DFFB-48D2-B060-D0F5A71096E0
  • Major and Minor: 0, 0 (Only allowed numeric)
  • Measured power: -59 (Numeric only)

Electronic Parameters

Item Value Remarks
Operation Voltage 2.0-3.6V DC
Operation Frequency 2400-2483.5MHz Programmable
Frequency Error +/- 20KHz
Modulation GFSK
Standby current 100uA Depends on duty cycle / broadcasting frequency
Broadcasting Frequency 900ms or 600ms Duty cycle
Output Power 0 dBm Default setting, programmable
Receiving Sensitivity -93dBm High gain mode
Antenna 50ohm PCB Antenna / External Antenna

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