ABSensor 401

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  • Based on TI CC2541 with 256K Flash, 8K RAM.
  • Multiple sensor applications in one device: Vibration Alert, Garage Door Alert, Light Sensor Alert, iBeacon.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy Single & Dual mode devices.
  • Custom build options to populate only required features to reduce overall cost.
  • Embedded Bluetooth Stack Protocols and Services include: GAP, GATT, SMP, ATT, L2CAP, BAS, DIS, IAS, LLS,TPS. As well as custom profiles for accelerometer, light and over the air updates.
  • Minimum Systems requirements: iPhone 4s, iPad 3, and iPad mini.



  • 3-Axis, 12-bit accelerometer with selectable range of ±2,4,8,16g (LIS3DH)
  • 16-bit light sensor with selectable resolution and range of 1k,4k,16k,64k (ISL29023)
  • 2 push buttons and 2 LEDs
  • CR2450 coin battery holder
  • Software adjustable transmitter power (-23dBm to 0dBm) for short to long range applications.
  • Ultra low power consumption: 18.2mA 0dB TX, RX down to 17.9mA, 1uA sleep w/timer, and 0.5uA deep sleep.
  • Firmware updates Over-the-Air (OTA).
  • Easily configured to advertise as iBeacons to support immediate, near, and far proximity ranges.


Default Setting

  • Light sensor value update per 10 seconds
  • Accelerometer value update per second

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