BlueDuino R2 How to upgrade firmware for CC254X module

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The BlueDuino R2 wires CC2540 UART port to Serial1 directly. So we can upgrade the firmware easily.

CC2540 BlueDuino Rev2
RX TXO (Serial1)
TX RXI (Serial1)

Hardware requirements

  • A USB to UART converter such as FTDI usb module. Our CP2102 USB to UART converter is good and cheaper option.
  • Some female to female dupont jumper lines

Software requirements

Getting Start

NOTE: You must upload new firmware to the module if it goes to upgrade mode. Otherwise the module will stay at upgrade mode and was bricked.

  • Wire the USB to UART converter and BlueDuino
USB to UART converter BlueDuino Rev2
RX RXI (Serial1)
TX TXO (Serial1)
  • Plug the BlueDuino to PC
  • Wire USB to UART converter to PC
  • Open telnet terminal, you will get "OK" when you type "AT". So type "AT+SBLUP", you will get "OK+SBLUP". It's mean the cc254x module is ready for upgrade. It can't accept any other AT command now.
  • Upload an empty sketch to BlueDuino. void setup(){} void loop() {}
  • Open the SerialBootTool, Choose the serial port and baud rate 115200, then choose the firmware
  • Click "Load Image"

Wait a while. You will see the words "Download completed successfully"

You've done!



  • Please retry some times if you upgrade fails
  • Please disconnect the uart connection when it upgrading